How To Make Solar Panels - Do You Know How?

With everyone being so environmentally conscious today and solar heating becoming the rage; many green-minded people want to know how to make solar panels. It is true. You can make your own panels and save yourself hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars. However, solar panels are no different, in terms of commerce, than any other thing that can be sold, bartered or traded. The truth of the matter remains; you get what you pay for. Or, to be somewhat more enlightening, typically, you reap what you sow!

However, if you are of the staunch DIY ethic, there are plenty instructional manuals and videos that you can buy or rent from the library. These manuals have a step-by-step explanation that is easy to follow. There are many sites on the internet that can tell you how to do this as well. Some of this instruction is very precise in showing one the preparation and materials needed; while other sites may be just giving you a load of hogwash. Bottom line, before you take on the task of making your own solar panels; make sure that the source of your information is actually qualified to teach.

No matter how simplified the process seems in watching it on video; there are parts of putting a solar panel together that may be costly and hazardous. The basics of making a solar panel are to string enough of the solar cells together to achieve adequate wattage for enough energy. Accomplishing this feat requires a steady hand and hours of concentrated effort. You can use cheap or expensive cells, but either way, both are extremely fragile. Also, you will be working with wire and a soldering gun, which, if not used properly, could result in cuts or burns.

If a soldering gun is something you use in your job or hobby, you would be an ideal candidate for putting a solar panel together. But if you are like most people who have never held a soldering gun; you should practice before you start on the expensive and very fragile cells that form the solar panel.

There is much to be said for someone with the initiative to learn how to make his own energy. Not only do we applaud them for their forward thinking capability, but also for their contribution to our environment. However, for those who do not speak DIY, or know the up from the down on a soldering gun should call a professional. Before you decide, first place a cost on the time you will spend on the tedious labor of construction. Then calculate your cost of materials. (Make sure to include all of the fragile cells that you will ultimately break.) Do not forget about the pain that you will endure with multiple burned fingers. Now weigh all of this against a phone call and a check for one quick installation by someone who already knows how to make solar panels. Which envelope weighs in heavier for your household budget and peace of mind?